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Wizkid uncovers why there's no photo of him and Drake on the web

Wizkid uncover why he has no photo with Drake 

Wizkid has uncovered why he doesn't have a photo of him and US rapper, Drake together.

He went under investigation when he discharged recordings of his hit melody 'nearer' which he highlighted Drake.

Be that as it may, the rapper didn't show up in the two recordings shot for the tune prompting some type of humiliation for Wizkid.

Circumstance deteriorated when Nigerian vocalist and maker, Tekno posted pictures of himself chilling in a studio with Drake and indicating at a conceivable coordinated effort.

Numerous deciphered it to me that Drake is likely having a misconception with Wizzy, that is the reason the two men haven't been seen together.

All things considered, in a current meeting, Wizkid cleared up the issue by expressing that not having a photo of him and Drake doesn't demonstrate anything. He additionally said that he chills and hangs with many individuals that he doesn't discuss nor take pictures with.

He stated:

"Do you know what number of individuals I hang out with every day that I don't post the photos? Do you know what number of individuals that I realize that I converse with and no one even knows we're companions.. There's a considerable measure of them. I don't generally think about pictures or other stuff, I'm a greater amount of my work.

What does a photo need to demonstrate? that we home base or we chill? We do that so for what reason should I need to post it. I'm not that sort of individual, i'm a greater amount of the music and I think about my music, so simply appreciate the music. That is all i'm here to convey to my kin, Accept it".

In a similar meeting, Wizkid uncovered how he finished the contention amongst himself and his one time sworn foe, Davido.

He made it realized that Davido is his sibling in spite of their skirmish of amazingness which started and finished in 2017

As indicated by Wizkid, any individual who knows him perceives the way that he is a peace cherishing individual who doesn't have sufficient energy to meat anyone.

"I just called him and we got it going. It's not a major ordeal. I simply sent him a message. It's all buildup, that is not genuine stuff".

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